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Camelion CM-3298 a real device

Oplaadbare batterijen lader Camelion CM-3298

Absolutely in the top segment of chargers is this Camelion Universal battery charger CM-3298. This charger can handle practically all rechargeable batteries (aaa, aa, c-baby, mono-d & 9-volt). In addition there is a USB connection for charging smartphones / tablets.

A total of 8 batteries can be charged at the same time, each battery is charged separately. This charger is an 8 channel charger and is also fast. The 9 volt charger is among the fastest that exist.

Charge 6 AA or AAA rechargeable batteries simultaneously or 4 c-baby or mono-d and 2 * 9 volt.

He also travels with you, he adapts effortlessly to any mains voltage (100 – 240 volts).



  • Suitable for: 6 * AA / 6 * AAA / 4 * C-baby / 4 * mono-D & 2 * 9 volt
  • 8 separate charging circuits
  • USB connection for charging smartphone e.d
  • NiCd & NiMH batteries
  • Microprocessor controlled
    Mains voltage 100 to 240 volts
  • Switches to trickle charging when the batteries are full
  • Display to check the charging process
  • Table model

8 separate charging circuits

By charging the batteries separate you are flexible in use. It does not matter anymore if you charge different capacities together, or that a battery is not (completely) empty.

Charge power

AA Ni-MH 1000mAh
AA Ni-MH 500mAh
9 volt 70mAh
USB 5 volt 500mAh

The technique

In most battery chargers you have to charge a set of 2 batteries at the same time. If they do not have the same capacity or if 1 is not completely empty it goes wrong. This charger has 8 separate charging channels, each channel is monitored by a microprocessor that ensures an optimally charged battery.

If you use batteries of the same capacity and in one and the same device, you will not notice this, because the batteries are just as empty and therefore also just as fully charged.

More and more devices use 3 batteries, making charging a problem. Also in toys are more and more odd numbers with all the problems that entails.


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