9 volt rechargeable battery

9 volt rechargeable battery

9 volt rechargeable battery 250 mahThe most famous battery is the 9 volt block, it is also one of the most expensive battery you find in the store. Some supermarkets ask for a non-rechargeable over 5 euros!

A rechargeable version costs less than 7 euros and in only 2 recharging he is earned back! Don’t forget that he can be recharged up to 1000 times, count your profits.

All rechargeable batteries live for many years and are a huge saving for the environment. Why throw something away while you can reuse it? Again a proof that rechargeable batteries are cheap.

9 volt rechargeable battery 200 mah 9 volt batterij oplaadbaar 250 mahA 9 volt rechargeable battery consists 7 separate rechargeable batteries, which are made together and put in a block.

Therefore the battery is not 9 volts but 8.4 volts. Namely, a rechargeable battery is not 1.5 but 1.2 volts.

In practice, however, this hardly yields any problems.

9 volt battery charger HQ9 volt battery charger
There are combination battery chargers on the market that can also charge the 9 volt block. In most cases there is unfortunately no possibility to recharge them.9 volt battery charger Camelion

Fortunately, we have are for less than 8 euros chargers for sale specifically made for 9 volt rechargeable batteries.

In our range we have made 2 chargers especially for 9 batteries. Depending on your wishes and / or budget 1 or 2 can be loaded.


We have a cheap charger in our assortment that is specially made for 1 nine volt rechargeable batteries. The other can have 2 drawers and has a larger charging current which makes the battery fuller.

For more info about the charger click on the picture and go to the info page.

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9 volt rechargeable battery