Rechargeable batteries aa

Rechargeable batteries aa 2700 mah nimh Camelion

Camelion 2700 mAh nimh

Rechargeable batteries aa, beter know as penlight or LR6 is probably the most used battery. Walkmans, mp3 players and other power users as children’s toys and digital photo cameras these batteries are often used. But you also see him in remote controls.

Just this battery need a licetime as long as possible, thats why the AA rechargeable batteries have been developed the most.

The capacity of the rechargeable AA battery has become enormous. At the end of the 80’s 550mAh was normal, nowadays Camelion have 2700mAh (similar to an alkaline battery).

Rechargeable batteries aa 2500 mah nimh

Camelion 2500 mAh Rechargeable batteries aa

This has become possible due to the advent of nickel-metal hydride (nimh). Thanks to this development, quickly emptying is a thing of the past.

High capacity also means you need a good charger. Off sure a charger from 10 years ago is not capable of filling this current rechargeable battery.

Yet many people continue to use the old charger with all the consequences and annoyance that entails. It is therefore advisable to purchase a good charger to get the maximum out of the battery.


Also for this battery is that with only 3 times charging is earned back. Do not forget that he will last for years, because he can charge up to 1000 times! Again a proof that a rechargeable battery is cheap.


HQ 1300 mAh nimh rechargeable batteries aa

Are there no disadvantages to rechargeable batteries ?! Sure, a default rechargeable battery suffers from self-discharge in normal language rechargeable batteries run out capacity  slowly.

After a few months the battery will be empty when not used (± 20% in the first month). This will normally not be an issue as they will usually already be used.

So you can’t charge batteries in advance and put them on the shelf for a long time for if you need them once. With Always Ready rechargeable batteries this has been resolved but the disadvantage is that the capacity is lower.

These batteries have the great advantage that the capacity practically does not go back. After 6 months, only 10% is lost, after one year only 15% making them lend themselves very well for purposes where not much power is used.


Always ready standard at Camelion
Camelion has already implemented this technique as standard in their batteries, without any affecting the capacity. The capacity of Camelion rechargeable batteries is maintained for up to 6 months!

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