Rechargeable batterys start at € 1,-
Save up to 98% on batteries!

De beste batterij opladerBatteries, we can’t without and they are everywhere. We have ± 80 batteries at home, are they empty they disappear into the trash.

Whether you think of your own wallet or the environment, it’s never to late to switch to Rechargeable batteries. Why throw away if you can re-use it? Think green, think Rechargeable batteries!

Also you can save up to 98% with Rechargeable batteries. An alkaline AA costs (if you buy cheap € 0.40) a rechargeable battery € 2.00. Rechargeable batteries you save a lot!

Quickly recoup

A rechargeable AA battery is after 5 time recharging already payed, he can be recharge around 500 to 1000 times! If you buy 500 alkaline batteries you payed € 200, -, one rechargeable € 2, -. If we calculate it whit the 9 volt block you only need 3 charging cycles has recouped.

Well, of course need a good charger that fit your needs
cost € 10,- to € 39, – after that you smile 🙂

If we do the calculation again with the Baby C and Mono D then you ask yourselves why you have not changed allready! Dit you know that with an adapter you can transforms an AA in Baby C or Mono-d?


Nonsense stories

There are a lot of nonsense stories about rechargeable batteries. They are expensive, are getting worse, run out quickly, less work and are bad for the environment. Some even say that charging takes a lot of power! An overview of the stories.

It starts with the charger

Contrary to what most people think it’s not the rechargeable battery, but the battery charger that make the diference. The biggest mistake is an old or wrong charger. The new generation Rechargeable batteries have such a big Capacity that an old charger need 10 days to fill the battery. Nobody does this, so the battery is only loaded a part and quick emty.

Invest in a good battery fast charger and you have years of pleasure.

For almost any application there is a rechargeable battery!

Whether it’s an MP3 player, a remote control or children’s toys, for almost every application there is a solution. If you have a digital camera you need heavy batteries while in a remote control the oldies still do it perfectly.

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