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De beste batterij opladerBatteries, we can not live without. They are in everywhere and on average you have 80 batteries in the house. Are they empty then they are discarded, and that is a shame.

Whether you think of your own wallet or the environment, it’s never too late to switch to rechargeable batteries. Why throw away if you can reuse it? See the savings directly into your wallet and save the environment. Think green, think rechargeable batteries!

You can also save up to 98% with rechargeable batteries. An alkaline aa costs, if you buy it cheaply € 0.40. A rechargeable battery € 2.00.
Rechargeable batteries are just a lot cheaper!

Quickly recoup

A rechargeable AA battery has already been repaid after 5 charging while charging 500 to 1000 times! Buy your 500 alkaline batteries are you € 200, – further, 1 rechargeable € 2, -. If we do the calculus again with the 9 volt block, it appears that he is already charging with 3 times.

Well, of course you need a good charger that depends of the wishes between € 10, – and € 39, – costs, after that it’s laughing!

If we do a calculus with the C baby and the Mono-D then you wonder why you have not changed before! Incidentally, these two types are perfect with an adapter that converts an AA into a C -Baby or Mono-d, making you flexible.


Nonsense stories

There are many nonsense stories about rechargeable battery. They are expensive, get worse, get out of bed quickly, work less well and be bad for the environment. Some even say that charging costs a lot! An overview of the stories.

It starts with the charger

Contrary to what most people think is not the rechargeable battery but the battery charger is the most important. The biggest source of trouble is an old charger that is located in an attic and used again.

Understandable because it still does, however, wrong economy. The new generation of rechargeable batteries have such a large capacity that an old charger takes 10 days to get the battery packed. This does not happen, of course, because the batteries are only a bit loaded and so empty.

Invest in a good battery fast charger and you have years of enjoyment.

For virtually any application, a rechargeable battery!

Whether it’s an mp3 player, remote control or children’s toys, for practically all applications there’s a solution. For example, you need power pads for a digital camera, while in a remote control the olds / offenders still do it perfectly.

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