Camelion BC-0907 a true powerhouse
1 hour charger for home and car

Top quality super fast charger AA / AAA

It’s unbelievable what Camelion has managed to put into this battery fast charger this time and for this money. In just over 100 grams, they have created a technical wonder that has 4-channel charging technology and is also super fast.

Four channel charger
The charger is suitable for four AA or AAA rechargeable batteries. Each battery is charged separately (4 channel charger).

World traveler
It is the ideal travel partner, it adapts to any voltage (110 – 240 volts). And it can even be used in the car (12 volts) without the charging power!

Table model
Thanks to the separate adapter, the charger can stand on a table instead of being plugged into a wall socket in an awkward place.

Camelion bc-0907 battery charger


» 4 own charging circuits (batteries are charged individually)
» Suitable for: NiCd & NiMH batteries
» Suitable for: 4* AA or 4 * AAA
» Charging current AA 2200 mAh
» Charging current AAA 800 mAh
» Microprocessor controlled
» Power adapter. mains voltage 100 to 240 volts
» Car charging cable included (12 volt DC)
» Display to monitor the charging process
» Refresh function for old batteries
» Switches to trickle charging when the batteries be full
» Table model

What is 4 channel technology?

In this case, the four represents the four slots that the charger has that charge independently of each other. If the charger had eight slots that charge independently of each other, it would be an eight-channel charger.

By charging the batteries individually, each battery is optimally charged and you are flexible in use. It no longer matters whether you want to charge different capacities together or whether a battery is not yet completely empty. Most battery chargers charge per set of 2 batteries, if they do not have the same capacity or if 1 is not completely empty, something goes wrong. This charger has 4 separate charging channels, each channel is monitored by a microprocessor that ensures an optimally charged battery.

Example 1: a 2-channel charger
Battery 1 is an AA 2700 mah and number 2 is an AAA 1100 mah. Both batteries will now be charged at a maximum of 1100 mAh because the charger stops when battery 2 is full. The result is that battery 1 is not even half charged and is quickly empty!

Example 2:
Both batteries are AA 2700 mah, but battery 2 is half empty. Again, both batteries will be charged with a maximum of 1350 mah because the charger stops when the half-full battery is full, which is after 1350 mah.

If you use batteries of the same capacity and in one and the same device, you will not notice this, as the batteries are just as empty and are therefore just as fully charged.