Rechargeable batteries 9 volt

Rechargeable battery 9 volt

It is the most famous battery, the 9 volt block. It is also one of the most expensive batteries you will find in the store. Some charge more than 5 euros for a non-rechargeable one!

And while the rechargeable version costs less than 7 euros, so with 2 charges it will already pay for itself! Then to think that it can be recharged up to 1000 times, count your profit.

All rechargeable batteries can be used for many years, a huge saving for the environment. Why throw something away when you can reuse it? Once again proof that rechargeable batteries are cheap.

A 9 volt rechargeable battery consists of 7 separate rechargeable batteries, which are connected in series and put into a block. That is why a rechargeable version is not 9 volts but 8.4 volts. A NIMH rechargeable battery is not 1.5 but 1.2 volts.

Camelion 9 volt battery charger

9 volt battery charger

There are combination battery chargers on the market that can also charge the 9 volt block. Unfortunately, in many cases there is no possibility to charge them.

Fortunately, we have a separate charger for sale that is specially made for 9 volt rechargeable batteries for less than 13 euros.

We have a cheap charger in our range that is specially made for 9 volt rechargeable batteries.

Camelion rechargeable 9 volt battery Always ready

One more challenge to go

There is one more challenge and that is the problem that the standard version of the NIMH rechargeable batteries suffer from self-discharge.

The battery slowly loses its charge (± 20% first month). So you cannot charge batteries in advance and leave them for when you need them in months. Chances are they are already (a little) empty when you need them.

Always ready
With Always Ready rechargeable 9 volt battery, that problem has also been solved. These batteries have the great advantage that the capacity decreases very slowly.

After six months only 10% has been lost, after one year only 15%, making them very suitable for purposes that do not use much electricity. Disadvantage, the capacity is lower.

Standard at Camelion
Camelion has gone one step further and has included the always ready 6-month technology as standard in all their rechargeable batteries without loss of capacity.


Camelion is less known than major brands such as: Varta, Duracell and GP. But that doesn’t mean they are worse. If you spend less on advertising you can keep the products cheaper, and they do that well. They have a very wide range and they are at the forefront in terms of technology.

In other words, with Camelion batteries you have a lot for less money!

Camelion 9 volt rechargeable battery Always Ready
Camelion 9 volt rechargeable battery
Varta 9 volt rechargeable battery
Varta 9 volt rechargeable battery
GP 9 volt rechargeable battery
GP 9 volt rechargeable battery