Rechargeable batteries C-Baby

Camelion Rechargeable batteries C-Baby

The C-Baby battery, also called LR14, was devised at the time for equipment that used a lot of power but still had to run on batteries. Think of toys, doorbells, appliances with a motor, flashlights, etc.

Battery technology was to less advanced than it is now, so they couldn’t store much in them than they do now, so they had to be large.

Because it is thicker, more power can be stored in it. This means they last longer, making them more practical for some purposes. A good solution, otherwise you will keep changing batteries.

Nowadays they are not used much anymore, so they are more expensive. The version we supply contains 3500mAh, but you can also use an adapter for an AA battery.

This rechargeable battery also pays for itself after charging only 3 times. Don’t forget that it will last for years, because it can be charged up to 1000 times! Once again proof that a rechargeable battery are cheap.


The disadvantage of the C-Baby (LR14) is that it is slightly more cost than the AA. Also, many chargers can only handle AA & AAA.

But there is a simple solution! Thanks to this handy adapter it is now possible to transform an AA rechargeable battery into a C-Baby.

This allows you to use your existing AA battery as a C-baby. So you don’t have to make an expensive investment in batteries that you don’t use often.

An even more important reason to use these adapters is that there is more choice in battery chargers suitable for AA than for C-Baby batteries.

The system works very simply, click the AA battery into the adapter and the C-Baby is ready for use.