Always ready batteries

Batteries have a major disadvantage, because if you do not use them, they will empty themselves. It is called self-discharge and it occurs in all batteries. Lithium is least affected by this, which is why it is used in smoke detectors. NICD and NIMH suffer the most, which is difficult since they are used for rechargeable batteries.

Always ready AA batteries
Camelion rechargeable 9 volt battery Always ready

A rechargeable battery slowly loses its charge, about 20% in the first month. So you cannot charge batteries in advance and leave them on the shelf for when you need them in months. Chances are they are already (a little) empty when you need them.

Always ready
With the arrival of this Always Ready technology for rechargeable batteries, that problem has largely been solved. These batteries have the great advantage that the capacity decreases very slowly. After six months only 10% has been lost, after one year only 15%, making them very suitable for purposes that do not use much electricity.

The disadvantage is that this technology comes at the expense of the capacity that fits in the battery. This is therefore less than in a standard version.

Standard at Camelion
Camelion has gone one step further and has included the always ready 6-month technology as standard in all their rechargeable batteries without loss of capacity.

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